There many writing programs or courses out there that claim to help an aspiring writer “get to the top,” or get a read from a very influential person in the business. Sometimes these programs are legit, and other times (which is more often the case) these programs simply result in a depeted wallet.

I recently stumbled across Screenwriting U. It is an online screenwriting workshop that is devoted to selling your screenplay. That’s an interesting distinction. Many programs have the aim of improving one’s knowledge of craft or giving away the “secrets of the trade.” Screenwriting U focuses on getting your screenplay sold. The alumni page heralds the work of recent graduates of the program. Many have been optioned, many have signed with an agent, and a fortunate few have been produced. Writing careers have been started and have started to catch their stride.

But is it too surreal? Is there a catch? Is this a fake?

The facts, amazingly, say otherwise. For one, Screenwriting U was rated the #1 online screenwriting program in the July/August Issue of Script Magazine, one of the top magazines on screenwriting worldwide. On another note, Screenwriting U centers on the ProSeries screenwriting course, a 6 month online intensive where writers begin to acquire the tools necessary to make it in the business. In other words, the course is no 3-day attempt at catching magic in a bottle.

So if you’re a screenwriter or interested in screenwriting, check out Screenwriting U. As with any writing-related course, one has to weigh the pros and cons with their unique situation. The ProSeries course is on the expensive side, so that may be a factor. Sitting in front of a screen and submitting things may be another. Maybe reading more screenplays is a sticking point. Regardless, the choice is up to you the writer. Don’t feel pressured to take a class, but at the same time don’t discount the potential value to be gained.

One thing is certain. There are more and more outlets for the aspiring writer to find their niche, and it’s very nice to see.